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Yongjia County Xing Feng Valve Co. Ltd. is a professional engaged in the development, production of valves, engineering design, installation and debugging, technical training and the provision of after sale services integrated high-tech enterprises, is the valve industry in the well-known enterprises. The standard workshop, research and development of products, to meet all production needs. With the construction and the peaceful rise China modernization, Xingfeng always timely to make its own contribution. From the beginning, we will continue to innovative products transformation, dedicated to provide users with the best products. Today, Xing Feng products have been widely used in various fields in the world, stable performance and good play has been widely accepted. To meet this commitment, Xing Feng will always maintain the quality and service of consistent, reliable guarantee to provide quality and service for the user..
The enterprise development direction: to do better, stronger, bigger, and fast, innovation, high. Technology development strategy of high starting point, high input, high quality is the Zhejiang Yongjia County Xing Feng Valve Co. ltd.. Study the world's advanced CIMATRON 3D CAD, CAM, CAE, FMS and other research and design, production management software system and ERP management, to technological innovation and new product development. According to the foreign advanced production and testing equipment and production standards, for special customers research and development of new products. The initial formation of the technical system with independent intellectual property rights as the core. Not only the best-selling products, and exported to Europe and the United States, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other places. Products have passed the detection of well-known institutions detection.
We have a professional engineering and technical personnel, to ensure the quality of products meet the standard, professional sales service system, to provide satisfactory after-sales service for you. Now the Xingfeng company products are efficient operation, widely used in power generation, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical industry, light industry and other engineering department. Leading products are: double eccentric butterfly valve, air valve, louver valve, double lock air flap valve, three way valve, bar valve, gate valve, blind plate valve, cast iron copper gate, gate, valve channel, take the door, stoplog gate, slurry valve, poppet valve, knife type gate valve etc..
Facing the new century, Yongjia County Xing Feng Valve Co. Ltd. established in metallurgy, building materials, sewage valve series as the core business, related to the fluid machinery products industry specialization and modernization of industrial model, through mergers, concentric diversification development, to revitalize the nation's valve industry and shape a national brand. We sincerely welcome your cooperation!